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Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Have a Contract


We have a pretty open policy of membership and don’t tie students into contracts. It’s always been a point with us that we don’t want to keep people paying if they can’t or are unable to payments. Technically according to our terms and conditions you will need to give us 30 days notice, but outside of that, we don’t tie you into anything.

How many times can I train if I join?

Seven Days a Week

We have a very full curriculum and as we are a dedicated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy we have to accomodate both advanced and beginning students. If you want to check out how many classes are available hit the schedule link in the menu above.

Do I need a Uniform in my First Class?


Since the beginning of the school opening we have always had introduction uniforms (Gi’s). If you want to try us out then you won’t need to invest in a Gi. If you decide to join then we like you to have your own Gi within six weeks of joining.

Can I pay Cash?

We don't have a cash policy...

We think it’s better and you get better value by being a member as we are a membership only school. With this in mind it would be a nightmare to track all the payments as they come in in cash. Believe me, we tried it and it didn’t work. We are dedicated to the Direct Debit system we use and as mentioned above we don’t have a contract so it shouldn’t be a problem.

How much is it?

Prices vary based on the program you choose.

It basically depends on whether you are a beginner or advanced student. We have programs  based on fundemantal jiu jitsu, advanced BJJ, fitness only and childrens packages plus others. They are collected by our Direct Debit system, so please give us a call or call in to discuss the various payment options.

I just want to get fit. Do I have to fight or compete?

No, you don't need to Compete, unless you want to...

We are not a competition club although some of our students do compete and as an academy we have done well in tournaments. Its an essential part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to enjoy the sparring element of the training. This does, of course, involve physical contact but feel the need to be pressured to compete.

I'm really busy, would it fit in with my other responsibilities?

It's up to You...

The schedule is pretty comprehensive. We have lots of daytime classes, even early morning drilling classes. We appreciate it can be difficult to make as many classes as you would like to, especially if you have work or family commitments. We try to cover as much time as possible in the week to make it as accessible as possible,

What if I get Injured?

It can happen...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a pretty demanding sport and with any sporting endevour injuries can happen. If you pick up an injury then you can freeze your membership or you can work around the injury depending on the severity of course. This won’t affect your ranking or position within the academy, all ranks stand, even if you have to take a long break.